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ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia

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ADD / ADHD, Dyslexia.  It's a family issue.   Improve grades and self-esteem.  Evaluation and non-drug therapy that really works!

6. Why are we seeing an epidemic of ADD ?

Let's look at why we believe there has been an outbreak of ADD.  And please, if you see yourself in one or more of the following, please do not let guilt plague you.  No one taught us these things.  And if there is a problem with genetics, obviously, you couldn't choose yours anymore than we could choose ours (and we have two children with ADD/dyslexia).   Just see the following as a neutral list.

One of the major reasons for the behaviors known as ADD is the lack of right-left brain integration.  The two halves of the brain must coordinate the signals sent by the eyes, the ears and the other senses.  Absent good coordination, the person cannot perceive events as others do, and often exhibits the symptoms known as ADD.   Much of this coordination development of the brain halves takes place during the first 12 months of life, especially as the child crawls, and then on as the child goes through the first 7 years of life. 

Starting from the earliest precipitators:

  • De-volving Genetics.  Human knowledge is growing, but genetically, the pool is deteriorating, not evolving as evolutionists say.  If a father carries the genes for dyslexia and the mom does not, the children are very likely to pickup on the father's genes and also have dyslexia.  In 70-80% of the families we see, genetics plays a pre-disposing role.  That's one of the reasons we use a whole-family program.

  • Increase smoking, drinking and drug abuse among women.  The "You've Come a Long Way, Baby" slogan has caused a lot of "You're really hurting your baby, Baby".  Smoking causes a substantially lower oxygen content in the blood of the mom, and thus the embryo and fetus.  Moms are literally suffocating their babies.  While we can substantially help these, they take longer to get off of meds than others.  Also if the father did drugs, smoke or drank before impregnating the woman, his sperm may have been negatively altered, passing those deficiencies on to the baby.

  • Increased use of baby swings, walkers and play-pens.  These restrict a baby's movements which are essential to good physical actions, especially crawling and thus mental wiring development.

  • Encouraging a baby to walk too soon.  Again, the longer the crawl time (within reason), the better for left-right brain coordination.  It seems to be a bit of a status or ego-stroker to brag that one's baby walked at 8 months.  Encourage babies to crawl until at least 11 months.

  • Lack of physical activity in preschool children.  The average child watches 6,000 hours of TV by the time he or she is 7 years old.  TV is a brain suspender, a hypnotic, and not a brain stimulator.  It takes PHYSICAL ACTION to create a neural pathway.

  • Behavioral emulation.  Character behavior on TV, videos and computer games, often violent and immoral becomes the mental pattern embedded in a child's mind.  Thus the child will respond to his or her environment in accordance with the patterns he or she has seen depicted.

  • Busyness of parents.  Often as busy parents, our children often suffer attention deficit disorder, a deficit of attention by the parents.  Oft times the kids will act out just to get their busy parents' attention.  An interesting, but sad side note is that it seems some of the highest percentages of children on medications occur in more affluent suburbs.  Is this because the parents have access to conventional medical care and insurance, or because they're too busy to want something more lasting, more permanent in results, or is it because they are used to dealing with their problems with medications such as Prozac or Valium?  Hmmm?

  • Over promotion of ADD as a main stream condition.  Studies done ~12 years ago showed that 3-5 percent of school age children exhibit ADD-like behaviors.  Of the 70 million school age children that means that ~4 million children exhibit the symptoms.  A potentially huge market for pharmaceuticals.  So companies like Novartis (makers of Ritalin), makers of Dexedrine, Cylert, Adderall began heavily promoting psychotropics as the "one-pill-cures-all" fix for ADD.  "Grass root" non-profits such as C.H.A.D.D. were funded by the pharmaceutical companies with the inevitable result that they began to promote psychotropics.  The American Psychiatric Association (also funded in large part by the pharmaceutical companies) began to promote psychotropics as the solution for ADD.  With billions in revenues, hundreds of millions of dollars has been spent promoting awareness of ADD in the American society with the consequent promotion of psychotropics.  The sad, but inevitable result is that 90% of the world's market for Ritalin is in the USA.

  • Schools and Teachers mandating psychotropics.  [I know I'm getting into a real hot political hot potato here, but let me press on because it is real - but please, we're not anti-school.  We empathize and work together with many wonderful teachers who understand our program and what we offer.  It's just lack of knowledge.]  It is a sad, but real commentary that many (not all) schools are promoting psychotropics as the sole fix for ADD-like behavior.  If a child is misbehaving, rather than delving into what is taking place in the home, the mental development of the child, etc., many parents that have called us have stated how vigorously one or more individuals from the school promoted medications as the fix for the child's behavior.  The parents were looked down on by the school staff for not being willing to medicate their children.  In some states like Michigan (and it is being requested in California), the schools have the right to medicate a misbehaving/distractible child without the parents permission or knowledge.  In order to do so, of course, they have to place the label of ADD on the child, whether or not the child has True ADD, and whether or not the child may have one or more of the other causes of ADD-like behavior.  An agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency was lamenting to our staff when we tested his child, how the very controlled substances that he conducts sting operations for, the school was trying to persuade him to put his child on.  It just didn't make sense to him [nor to us].

So what are the most common drugs prescribed for ADD?

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