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ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia

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ADD / ADHD, Dyslexia.  It's a family issue.   Improve grades and self-esteem.  Evaluation and non-drug therapy that really works!

Mental Training Program

The Sharper Minds program is a very effective broad spectrum brain development program that has nearly 20 years of proven history.  It takes time and consistent and persistent effort, but the end results are truly remarkable; far surpassing most other brain development programs. In fact, with our rate of success and proven history, we even offer a guarantee on our more advanced options.

The end result upon completing the Sharper Minds program is that the individual processes information more competently, and much faster than normal. Each person is different, but many formerly dyslexic individuals end up reading 300-600 words per minute or higher. Non-dyslexic siblings who do the program as part of our family program, often end up reading 600-2000+ words per minute (we've seen several over 2300 wpm). Athletic skills often dramatically improve as well due to exceptional hand-eye coordination, balance, and brain processing speed. 

The home-based program takes about an hour to 75 minutes a day of practice time, 5 days a week in a fairly consistent and persistent manner for 14-16 months. That is the sweet spot. Listening therapy does take a bit more time but the student or individual can do other things during that time.

The very reasonable program fees cover the entire training process including personalized coaching, along with basic equipment for the program. In addition, the purchasers will need to have access to a computer, printer, scan-to-pdf software/app, a phone and an internet connection.

Sharper Minds Guided Training System Options


A bit more info: 
For lasting improvements to be made in your child or adult family member, you have to be able to change how the brain operates.  This concept of brain change is called neuroplasticity.  

The human body has the remarkable ability to create new brain cells and have them migrate to the part of the brain where they are needed the most (see Articles Section).  Where they migrate to is dependent on a variety of factors.

Sharper Minds uses a multi-sensory, multi-therapeutic method of changing the brain in a positive way.  We incorporate methodologies from a variety of fields such as:

  • vision therapy
  • balance therapy
  • auditory therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • therapy for stroke (damage to the brain)
  • memory usage skills
  • training in success principles

The way these are blended together to provide a cost and time efficient way to enhancing mental performance is truly remarkable.  While change doesn't happen overnight, nerve growth with proper regular training WILL happen.  In fact, it can happen at any age, whether 7 or 70.  

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