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ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia

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ADD / ADHD, Dyslexia.  It's a family issue.   Improve grades and self-esteem.  Evaluation and non-drug therapy that really works!

Our Child Wasn't Learning...

“…they said it was A.D.D.”

    The fifth grade boy stepped off the school bus and began his walk home. His head and stomach ached. Today was like most, except he felt even more frustrated. He kicked the front door open, slammed it shut, threw his books and stomped up the stairs, dejected. His mother found him sitting in a corner, hugging his knees.
    “What's the matter, guy?”
    “Nothing”, he mumbled.
    “How was school?” she persisted. The boy just buried his face deeper into his knees.
    “Did someone give you a hard time?” 
    The boy nodded, “One of the kids said I'm too stupid to learn anything.”
    His mother sighed, “I know school isn't easy for you. It was the same for me at your age. Hang in there…just a few more years and you can do something different.” She gave him a hug, “I think you're smart.”
    As she left the room, a tear slipped from her eye as she again felt the shame of her own failures in school. “There must be something I can do to help. I can't bear seven more years of watching him struggle. He's getting more withdrawn and angry by the week. There must be help somewhere!”
    To be continued ...

You might think of ADD as "Gaps in the thinking process during which distractions can slip in."

Learning Challenges are Common

    Did you know at least one in ten children are affected by learning challenges?… like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), with hyperactivity (ADHD), and dyslexia? Children not only struggle to learn, they often experience depression, anxiety, rebelliousness, or other misbehaviors. You may know of a family experiencing the stress and disharmony that comes from these issues. That family may be your own.

Likely Causes

    There are many causes of the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and learning problems. We often see it running genetically in one or both sides of a family. Other common causes include the two sides of the brain not working together, the brain being unable to process the signals sent by the eyes or ears, delayed brain development, dyslexia or emotional stress.
    Many parents intuitively sense that their child’s brain is incompletely or incorrectly “wired-up”. 
    While not a direct cause, diet, allergies, toxins or a lack of consistent and disciplined parenting may make the problem worse.

Consequences of Mental Processing Problems

    When a child repeatedly struggles and fails, it can lead to low self-esteem, anger, depression, frustration, sadness, apathy and misbehavior. As the child grows up, these can result in under- or un-employment, alcoholism, drug addiction, criminal behavior, marital strife, abuse and divorce. 

Psychotropic Medications and Other “Band-Aids”

    Ritalin®, Adderall®, and other stimulant medications are commonly used to treat the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. While these medications may help some with behavior, the initial positive effects seem to lessen within 12-16 weeks, requiring either an increase in the dosage or a change of medication. 
    Meds however, cannot correct the underlying mental processing problems and are only intended by the manufacturers to be short-term solutions. They also do not address other possible contributing factors.
    I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but many parents also report that while on these meds, their children experience a personality change, a loss of sparkle in the eyes or the kid seem to turn into a “zombie”. They may become anxious, depressed, lose weight, experience stunted growth, sleep poorly, develop facial tics [twitches] or experience other side effects. The rebound effect may make the child more hyperactive after school, leaving the family worn out. 
    If you are like most parents, you are concerned about the health of your child and want the best for them. No one would want these side affects, would you? Why not address the root cause?
    Is there a safe and effective alternative that really works? And that works for all ages? Fortunately, the answer in most cases is YES!

A Non-Drug Therapy that Really Works!

    Studies at various research centers have proven that the human mind can grow new brain cells at any time in life (neuroplasticity). These new cells attach themselves to the thinking related and emotional centers of the mind. 
    Sharper Minds utilizes a break-through program involving a series of physical and mental exercises that stimulate new brain cell growth and increase brain inter-connections. 

Using a green stain to identify new cells, scientists have discovered that brain cells can regenerate. 

Photo courtesy of Dr. Gage - Salk Institute. Used by permission.

    These involve sensory-motor, visual, auditory and balance-related whole-brain exercises. While nerve growth doesn’t happen overnight, progress is gradual, but substantial.
    Through the Sharper Minds® program the intelligence and performance of a child or adult can be enhanced. Those completing our program usually notice improvements in grades, behavior, attention span, persistence and work productivity. 
    Additionally, more than 70% of students who begin the Sharper Minds program while on medications such as Ritalin or Adderall are able to stop them within a few months, 90% within 9 months (last study: 100%).

Learn WHY your child is struggling!

    If you would like to learn why your child or family member is struggling (perhaps even yourself?) then the first step would be an evaluation. Sharper Minds offers a very thorough one that can answer many of your questions.
    The evaluation includes a complete medical, educational and family history, determines learning mode preference and examines the critical mental processes. It assesses self-esteem, reading, writing, graphics, attention span and more. It searches for the root cause of why you or your family member is struggling.
    The test is unlike any other evaluation you or your child may have experienced. While the test appears simple, it is quite revealing.
    If you are married, both parents must be present during the 3 to 4 hour evaluation. If you are a single parent, bring a grandparent or trusted friend with you. If you are an adult and wish to be evaluated, bring your spouse or a trusted friend.
    Afterwards, we will discuss our findings with you and how to deal with the issues we uncovered.
    Compared to other extensive evaluations, the Sharper Minds' test is fairly inexpensive. While most providers charge from $800 to $1,500, Sharper Minds charges are about a third to half the going rate.  A small deposit is required at the time of scheduling.

Justin, a 12-year-old 6th grader, still couldn't write his name after 5 years in Special-Ed.  We found Justin to be highly dyslexic.  Twelve weeks after starting therapy, he earned a 90% on a 20-word spelling test. 16 weeks later he was reading simple books.  At the beginning of the next school year just 7 months later, the school tested him and said he didn't need Special-Ed any longer!

Jamie was born with a heart defect.  After her third open-heart surgery, she had a stroke.  At 8 years old, she still struggled with walking smoothly and with the alphabet. Within weeks of starting the Sharper Minds program, her walking smoothed out and learning became easier.  She learned her alphabet and how to read within a matter of weeks.  By the end of the program she was doing great academically, taking piano lessons, and her parents couldn't be prouder.  Three years later, our trainer met the family at a local store.  Jamie was still doing great academically, there is no visible sign of the stroke she had, and she was studying Latin.  

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The Next Step

    “Now, I know where to start,” the boy's mother said. “I’ll call Sharper Minds® to set up an appointment for an evaluation.”
    “Why not ask for some information on A.D.D. at the same time?” the boy's dad suggested. 
    “OK,” replied the mom. “I think I'll do both.” And she did. 
    How about you? Would you like to see improvements in your situation sooner or later?

Program Options

Sharper Minds offers several program options to meet the needs of each family as well as its budget. Given the state of the economy, our primary offering now is through our proven Guided Home Training Systems which have been successful for many families. 

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