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ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia

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ADD / ADHD, Dyslexia.  It's a family issue.   Improve grades and self-esteem.  Evaluation and non-drug therapy that really works!

Brochures, Flyers, Recordings

Here are the brochures, flyers and videos/audio recordings we usually mail out to local interests.  Families that are long distance from our Centers should download the information from this page.  If you attended a seminar, you can also download our seminar handouts from this page.

PC Users: You may left-click on the file to open it in your browser.  Alternatively, you may download it to your hard drive by right-clicking on the link and selecting "Save Target As" from the pop up menu.  Create a separate folder to place the downloaded files into.  Most are in Acrobat Reader *.pdf format. The rest link to other files on this website.  The audio or video files will either play from their location (as a streaming media file) or download depending on your media player settings.

Mailer #1:

  1. 3-Panel Informational Brochure (280 KB)

  2. Characteristics of the two hemispheres (155 KB)

  3. Benefits of Evaluating your child (154 KB)

  4. Potential Causes of ADD/ADHD Symptoms (57 KB)

  5. Blue Ribbons (Story) (190 KB)

  6. How the Sharper Minds Program has Positively Affected Lives (31 KB)

  7. Informational Video

  8. New Hope for ADD – 21 MB audio (mp3 format)

  9. Guided Home Training Systems

Mailer #2:

  1. Benefits of the Sharper Minds Program (23 KB)

  2. What Makes the Sharper Mind® Program Different From Tutoring? (23 KB)

  3. What Parents And Kids Are Saying (21 KB)

  4. True Friendship can be Forever (Story) (163 KB)

  5. New research puts cause of dyslexia in sharper focus (102 KB)

  6. Special Report On A.D.D. and Learning Challenges (1.11 MB)

Mailer #3:

  1. Founders Story/History of Sharper Minds (82 KB)

  2. New Neurons grow in Adult brains (161 KB)

  3. Lessons from boys and baseball (Story) (211 KB)

Mailer #4:

  1. Restorative Neurology Therapy Summary 74 KB)

  2. Typical Success Stories (25 KB)

Mailer #5:

  1. ADD Cognitive Skills Evaluation (63 KB)

  2. Cost Of A Miracle (Story) (428 KB)

  3. Study reveals how human brains grow (26 KB)

Mailer #6:

  1. I Can’t Funeral (Story) (235 KB)

  2. Other than the Sharper Minds Program, what else can I do for my child? (298 KB)


  1. Sharper Minds for Seniors and Other Adults (43 KB)
  2. Boosting the Immune System (29 KB)
  3. Detox Methods for Health and Healing

Informational Seminar Handouts:

  1. Characteristics of the two hemispheres (182 KB)

  2. Potential Causes of ADD/ADHD Symptoms (57 KB)

Pre-Seminar Slide Show (~300 KB) Main Presentation (~1.7 MB)
Color version (6 up) Color Version (6 up)
Gray version (6 up) Gray Version (3 up with room for notes)

LDA Conference Presentation by Dr. Meelhuysen, M.D. (2-16-07)

  1. Impact of Improper Diagnosis on Learning.pdf (511 KB)
  2. Potential Causes of ADD/ADHD Symptoms (57 KB)

  3. Characteristics of the two hemispheres (182 KB)

  4. If you did not receive our free CD/DVD set at the conference, and would like to, you may request one online: click here.


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