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Detox for Health and Healing
by Ed Meelhuysen, Founder
Sharper Minds

My 48-year-old cousin Harry was about to die.  Harry had fought Hodgkin's lymphoma for 18 years, beginning just 3 months after he completed his anesthesiology residency.  Harry had planned his funeral many times, but this was his last round.  A tumor ran from his belly around his left side and protruded from his back.  Cancer had metastasized throughout his body. Cancer had taken over most of his lungs so he was on oxygen. His body was shutting down.  He smelled of imminent death. Harry had been through virtually every conventional and non-conventional anticancer therapy, including chemotherapy, radiation, proton treatments at LLUMC, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, hydrogen peroxide therapy, cancer pathogen vaccinations, Hulda Clark's anticancer program ("Cure for All Cancers") and more.  You name it, Harry had most likely tried it.  And now he was ready to die, to put the pain behind him.

Harry didn't want a funeral.  He wanted a living "celebration of life service" to see the extended family before he passed away.  The family and doctors didn't know if he would make it to the Saturday afternoon service, so he was re-hospitalized for a while.  He worked on putting his affairs in order.  

When I arrived Friday night at Harry's home, his wife led me into Harry's sick room at the house, Harry lay propped up in a hospital bed, on oxygen, looking like a bit like an 80-year- old man, thin, nearly wasted away.  His eyes struggled to barely open as he chatted in a strained voice with me.  He was tuckered out from setting his affairs in order.

His family didn't want him to die, I didn't want him to die.  Instead we prayed for healing.  AND I and another shared some life-giving anti-cancer knowledge with him.  I told his sister-in-law first, then told his wife, and she said, "let's try it!"  Harry agreed, and we squeezed some of the substance into his mouth.  I gave instructions to his wife and she followed them that night, dutifully waking up every few hours or so to repeat the process.

By the next morning, Harry looked better.  The pain in his shoulder was gone.  Around 250 people showed up for his "living funeral" service Saturday afternoon.  People shared their thoughts and love with him. Using a walker, dragging an oxygen bottle, emaciated, he still drew the strength to share his love for his wife, family and others. He played guitar or electric bass on 10-12 songs with 3 musical groups he'd played with over the years.   That night I left several papers on his desk with tips that could help him overcome his cancer (I'll give you links to updated forms of those papers shortly).  I said my goodbyes, and drove through the night 9 hours back home to Oregon.  But before I left, I told him, "Harry, I'm a betting man, and I've got money on you that you're going to live!  If you will follow what I tell you in those papers, you'll not only live past this cancer, but you will shake the CAUSE of the cancer and become free of it!  It won't come back!

Wednesday, Harry left me a cheery message, "I need some more of that stuff!"  Later I returned the phone call and talked with my uncle.  Harry was doing much better and was out at the park with his son. "But I don't sell that stuff."  I told him to order it from the other source which he later did.

3 weeks later, Harry called me again.  He stated that within one week of starting the therapy he was off of oxygen.  When they re-X-rayed his lungs, the mass was gone! He felt much better and the tumor in his abdomen was shrinking.  He asked me, "Why does it work so well?"  I shared with him the concepts and principles behind some of the most powerful natural anticancer mechanisms available today.  Concepts that I am going to share with you.

Note: Harry finally passed away almost a year later on June 29th, 2007.  Nearly an extra year of life for someone that had only 1-2 days to live is phenomenal.  However, it wasn't the cancer that directly killed Harry in the long term.  It was that his bone marrow (the source of many of our replacement stem cells) had been damaged by the radiation and chemotherapy treatments he had been through and basically, he couldn't produce enough new cells to replace old ones that died.

Are you interested in learning what I shared with Harry?  Are you interested in truly learning some of the greatest health secrets of our time?  If so then read on, and I'll show you how to overcome a variety of issues that many people struggle with.

Why am I so interested in health?  I grew up in the medical field. My father was a published M.D., a leading expert in his field.  My wife is an M.D., rated as one of America's top physicians in internal medicine and learning disorders.  My father-in-law is a retired M.D., my mother-in-law a nurse, one of my brother-in-laws is an M.D., one of my sisters is an occupational therapist, the other has degrees in nursing and social work.  My brother is a physical therapist and I work in the field of brain development.  I'm steeped in the medical field.

A close family member has a variety of disorders: Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, Celiac disease/Dermatitis Herpetiformis (a gluten allergy), allergies to the Casein (Caseinate) in milk (and used in many soy products), leaky gut syndrome, and many more disorders.  I wanted to boost her immune system so she could have more energy and function better.

In addition, I used to get sick with the cold or flu A LOT!  My M.D. wife brought home lots of pathogens from her work place, and I ran on little sleep.  I nearly continually had a cough or was feeling poorly.  In fact, I was on antibiotic samples at least one 10-day stretch a month!  Finally my wife brought home a large container of peeled garlic cloves and stated emphatically, "I'm not bringing you home any more antibiotics.  Use these instead!"

And the garlic worked!  I ate 10-12 cloves a day, stayed healthier and smelled like a walking garlic processing factory (which I was).  So I switched to the odor free garlic tablets from Costco.  Didn't smell as much, and much more convenient.  But still I got sick about twice a year, each time lasting a good 4-6 weeks of coughing and not feeling well.  Then a staff member shared what fellow opera singers did when they had a sore throat.  They gargle with cayenne pepper and lemon or lime water.  I tried it once (ouch, that burned), and so switched to taking the cayenne in capsule form.  The cold went away in a few day and I haven't been sick again!   (I take one capsule in the morning, and one in the evening.)  Which to me is simply phenomenal!  While on a trip to India in January 2006, most people in my volunteer group got sick, except me; thanks to cayenne capsules.

So health is achievable with simple nutritional supplementation, lifestyle changes and applying proper techniques. Conventional medicine doesn't always have the best answer.  Do the research, try stuff, keep what works, dump the rest.  Okay, ready for the anticancer picture?

Disease comes from two main sources:

  • Pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.)
  • Toxins (heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, etc.)

Either of these can compromise our immune system.

We have too many toxins (carcinogens) on board.

Toxins reduce our immune system's effectiveness:  As our society becomes more and more industrialized, the average person gets exposed to a numbing quantity of differing chemicals and toxins every day.  While our bodies may successfully excrete some, others we don't and these begin to accumulate.  As we age, these toxins build up and they eventually begin breaking down our immune system.  This is one of the reasons that as people get older, they are more likely to get cancer.

Toxins keep us from losing fatty weight: Besides our liver, kidneys, respiratory system and perspirations, another toxin reduction tool we have is that our fat cells (adipose tissue) often absorbs toxins to pull them out of the blood stream.  As the intercellular toxin load increases, the cells pull in more liquid (through osmosis) to dilute the toxin load they bear.  Hence we gain weight.  As people age, the accumulation of toxins increases, making it nearly impossible to lose weight, even by dieting or exercise.  Hence the best and fastest weight loss program I found included a detoxification process. Through one program, I lost 12 pounds in 9 days, weight I couldn't shake before, no matter how many trips to the gym I took!

Toxins contribute to mental disorders: In addition, with the growing number of recommended vaccinations, there has been a growing incidence of mercury toxicity manifesting as the various autistic spectrum disorders (autism, Asperger's, speech delays, etc.).  This appears to come predominantly from the Thimerosal, a 50% mercury laden preservative found in multi-dose vials of vaccine.  These were used heavily in the USA through 2005 in childhood vaccinations (which increased to around 22 vaccinations since 1991), and are still in use in some adolescent and adult vaccinations.  

While it is possible that NOT ALL forms of autism come from vaccinations, I believe the preponderance does.  Others causes may stem from prenatal or postnatal heavy metal or chemical exposures (likely pesticides or herbicides).

In searching out method of successfully preventing or treating disease, without medications, I have done a fair amount of research on cancer, autism and other conditions.  The thread common to many of these are toxins in the body or brain. Other common threads include pathogens such as parasites, bacteria and viruses which often release their own toxic byproducts.

In researching solutions, then, I determined that the process is to:

  • Detox quickly and thoroughly
  • Unmask the cancer cells or pathogens (so the immune cells can find them)
  • Promote continued healing
  • Change to a healthy lifestyle, including rest, exercise, diet and nutritional supplementation

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To discuss our detox protocol ($300 plus shipping), please call Ed at 1-866-435-7233.


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