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ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia

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ADD / ADHD, Dyslexia.  It's a family issue.   Improve grades and self-esteem.  Evaluation and non-drug therapy that really works!

Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy Summary

Sharper Minds specializes in lasting treatment for cognitive disorders, including the inattentive and hyperactive subsets of Attention Deficit Disorder, auditory and visual dyslexia, rehabilitation for brain damage stemming from minor strokes or head trauma, and more recently, application of the therapy for the reduction or reversal of the effects of Alzheimer’s and other aging processes in the minds of the elderly.

The Sharper Minds Program uses a time proven methodology of cognitive rehabilitation.  This involves physical movement of the major muscle groups combined with multi-sensory mental stimuli (similar to stroke rehabilitation therapy), development of visual coordination and abilities, balance oriented and cognitive processing skills through a carefully developed series of exercises of increasing difficulty.

Through Sharper Minds' cognitive rehabilitation therapy program, the dysfunctional brain is encouraged to develop new neurons and dendritic pathways that were previously latent, atrophied, damaged or non-existent.  Neurons and dendritic pathways do not develop overnight, nor are dysfunctional thought patterns and habits corrected within a few weeks.  Thus, the program requires the commitment of an adult patient or the parents of a child patient to 12-14 months of therapy.

The therapy is an effective treatment for ADD/ADHD, as well as many of its look-alikes and comorbid conditions.  Patients on psychotropic medications are generally able to discontinue them within 8-12 weeks.  In the few cases where significant past head trauma exists, or the patient also suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome or pre- and peri-natal hypoxemia, it may take longer for results to progress to the point where psychotropics may be discontinued.

Treatment yields permanent improvements within the 12-14 month duration of the program.  Future head trauma, substance abuse or other injurious behavior to the brain (i.e. situations that apply to all people) and the normal aging process in the elderly may diminish the long-term results.

In-office sessions are administered by trained professionals, and the program is monitored and overseen by a physician (a licensed M.D.).  To minimize therapy costs, we train the parents or adult patients how to perform the physical and cognitive exercises, and the therapy is continued and administered at home in between the weekly sessions.

The effectiveness of components of the program was validated by a long-term study conducted by a Dr. William Hansen, a well-known educational researcher from Washington state.  In his study of 293 patient families, he found a 96%+ satisfaction rate with notable improvements in cognitive function, behavior and academic performance.  Updated therapies continue to improve results even above this level of satisfaction.

Medical insurance or flexible medical reimbursement accounts that reimburse for psychotropic medications, related doctors’ visits, counseling and psychological evaluations, may reimburse for this more effective form of treatment. R


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